A Quest to achieve balance on all sides…

Curious about this new journal blog project? Keep on reading.

Symmetry is my new health and beauty journal. I don’t normally create blogs that are focused on a specific niche, but circumstances in my life (outside the internet) gave a somewhat of a drastic change with the way I look at myself, the daily habits that I go through to live another day, and other things that may have affected my loved ones,1 I felt that it was time for me to open a journal blog completely separate from my ongoing personal blog.

I chose the name symmetry because not only that it is synonymous with perfection, but it is more synonymous towards balance. To achieve long life and continued success in life, everything must be symmetrical: the good and the bad, the inside and the outside, the choices you make, and the habits necessary to be part of your way of living. The things you eat, your physical movement, the way you think about the world around you, the clothes you wear, the money you spent, the people you spend your time with, everything. This, of course, includes your health, well-being, and your beauty.

I chose the slogan for this blog: healthy is beautiful. It’s true that a person’s health and a person’s natural beauty coincide with one another. I find people who are conscious of their health and their natural beauty that they want to live longer and enjoy being alive. Sometimes, you can tell a person’s intentions with the way they view health and beauty in general. As for me, when I feel healthy and alive, at the same time, I feel beautiful too.

Healthy is beautiful also made me realize that everything about you as a human being is connected. In short, health and beauty are universal with each other. When something inside of you is deteriorating due to disease or bad habits that can harm your body, that something can also affect your physical beauty, not just with your face, but also with the shape of your body and also your physical abilities, such as running and walking and breathing. Many have misconceptions about people (especially women) being conscious about appearances, from the clothes they wear to the makeup they wear. But beauty is, as many would say, is skin deep. Clothes and makeup are just there as your shield to hide things that may be imperfect about your natural markup.2

In reality, we will never reach true symmetry. However, we can control and maintain our own personal symmetry. But in order to do that, we must take care of one side so that the other side can also be fixed.

This sub-blog of The ADRICULOUS Life serves as a chronicle of my own journey to achieving my own symmetry.

My mission statement

My prior mission for this blog is to chronicle my habits of the upkeep of my health and well-being, as well as introduce to the reader many discoveries and experiences that I may come across in relation to health and beauty. I do some reviews from food (namely coffee and tea), skincare products, places, methods and techniques, books, and much more. I’m not out to become some kind of an influencer or anything like that, but I would like to share my journeys by writing about it. Maybe the reader may find and discover something useful from my entries too.

I am also active on my personal Instagram, in which I also share some reviews in connection to this site.

I also want to share some of the cultural aspects of these health and beauty techniques, and how these cultural beliefs integrate with our bodies and minds. How the way they live coincide with the way we live, so on and so forth. A lot of these are derived from my own personal experiences growing up, and even my own cultural heritage has its own similarities to the most known Asian cultural heritage of today.3

Coffee and Tea?

I love both coffee and tea. From the beginning, I was like any other American-raised kid: sodas and juice. It wasn’t until in my early teens that I discovered the more beneficial iced tea— AriZona and Snapple iced teas. In my late teens to early 20s, I decided to go a little more hardcore by consuming the more natural, “handmade” kind of tea by visiting local Asian grocery stores and ask a few college friends and classmates who regularly drink tea like drinking water. Eventually, even through my early adulthood, I became more of a tea drinker and was not too fond of coffee.4 But lately, after speaking with my dietitian about the benefits of coffee, I started to have some appreciation for the joe. Still, the sayings of

But lately, after speaking with my dietitian about the benefits of coffee, how caffeine can also be beneficial to lowering sugar,5 I started to have some appreciation for the Joe. Still, the sayings of less is more and the perfect symmetry still applies to both, and that I can’t have too little of them or too much of them. I’ll be writing some general topics about coffee and tea, as well as sharing some of my discoveries and favorites of both beverages.

My fascination and appreciation for coffee and tea doesn’t signify that I am addicted to both, caffeinated or decaffeinated. Water will always be my best friend.

There are sidenotes...

  1. from family to friends []
  2. We’re not talking about acne or blackheads or dandruff here. We’re also talking about bruises, wounds, scars, or even signs of something deteriorating bodies, such as coughing and colds or even fatigue, for example. []
  3. China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan. I’m Southeast Asian, Filipino to be exact, and the Philippines is surrounded by all of those four countries mentioned. []
  4. except with the occasional latte, cappuccino, or mocha… []
  5. if taken at the right doses… []