Disclaimers & Other Notices

In a nutshell, this is just another health and beauty blog. Whether the purpose of this blog was meant to be as a journal of my personal health and beauty maintenance or as somewhat of a guide via product and/or service reviews and DIY1 tips, it’s still yet another blog among thousands (or millions?) of blogs out there. But, this would be the type of blog that would (probably) be catering to those on their late 30’s and above, although anyone younger can also benefit from the blog, one way or the other. All the disclaimers, privacy notices, terms of use and conditions, and other notices are all listed here.

Disclaimers about this site

With the help of some trusty tools2 and everything else I’ve learned for my dream career, I’ve built this site from the ground up. This includes the theme3 and the logo.4

Your privacy is very important to me and to this site. The contact information you submit to this site will be kept for news and updates regarding the site or that I have put some write-ups regarding a particular subject you may be interested in (for example). Your information will not be used for any form of sale, at least, for now. When the terms change, I’ll let you all know right here.

I used the following tools and services that power up Symmetry. I have been using these tools and resources for sometime now, and I highly recommend them:

Disclaimers about me

As mentioned here, I am just another person who recently gained a lot of interest in Asian Beauty in general. After gaining a better understanding of why Asians in general11 have these specific methods to maintain their health and beauty, I then thought about my health altogether. Not very many people realize, let alone just knowing it in general, that the skin is indeed a biological organ, acting as the shield of all our other internal organs, and not only that our skin needs care on the outside, but the skin also gets nourished from the inside, based on what we consume.

This means, even though I became more familiar with my own health and just Asian Beauty, I do not call myself some kind of an expert or guru. I’m also not aiming to be some kind of an influence of sorts. I see this blog more as an extension of my personal blog, thus this site is hosted under a subdomain. Sometimes, just being stuck with just one blog with a hodgepodge of articles and topics can get complicated, to the point that you just lose your drive to write what you want to write altogether.

I still have a lot to learn about health and beauty and all other things related to the blog’s aim. I don’t have any form of biology or chemistry background or an esthetician license for me to back up what I like (or what I don’t like). But what I do is reading and research, rinse, and repeat. I list out my sources in footnotes (at the bottom where the header says There are sidenotes…) along with their links (if they are from websites) so you can check them out too.

Disclaimers about the sources

I have to admit it, but nowadays, it’s very difficult to determine whether the sites and blogs you gather your sources from are legit or not. One site says this, another site says something else. However, please keep in mind that every person has different biological markup, both the inside and the out, therefore different products and ingredients will provide different results to every person’s skin.

Regarding skincare and cosmetics, ingredient analysis sites such as CosDNA and Skincarisma should help you provide an analysis of a cosmetic product’s list of ingredients and its effects that might give you to your skin type. If still in doubt, it’s a good idea to speak with someone more knowledgeable about cosmetics, such as a licensed esthetician or a dermatologist.

Regarding health, always consult your doctor. There are plenty of health-related informational sites and blogs out there, but please be sure to check their background. Like with skincare and cosmetics, it’s always a good idea to ask someone with extensive knowledge and profession. Or if you are considering other alternatives, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurvedic Medicine (for example), refer to someone who is licensed before consulting any sites or blogs out there.

Regarding culture, coffee, and tea, just do your own research. I’m basing all these from personal experiences and (sometimes) upbringing. And always, when in doubt, always ask someone who has more extensive knowledge of these topics.

The sources that I use will be listed under the There are sidenotes… footnotes section right at the bottom of each blog entry/article.12

Disclaimers about the reviews

All the products and services reviews are all based on my personal experiences. I purchase the products by myself and are not getting paid or sponsored to do these reviews. Some of these products may be based on samples I receive whenever I purchase full products.13 I may sign up for affiliations and sponsorships, once this site/blog grows, but we shall see what happens.

Even though many of these products will be written in any form of written language and/or system other than English. Many of these are found from available translations and information for other sites. Of course, I will be linking the sources too.

There are other two languages that I (more or less) would be able to translate on my own: Filipino/Tagalog and Japanese (if I can read my Kanji characters right).

There will also be product reviews that come from product review sites such as 0.8L, therefore I may be having more than one review on that one particular product.14 Each of these reviews will be different from one another, rather than just copying and pasting the same thing but in different locations. I sometimes would write book reviews for Blogcritics, but at the same time, I also write a completely separate and different review of the same book.15

Speaking of books, they will be reviewed here too: books about health and beauty, sometimes coffee and tea. If I do end up writing more than one review of the same product in different locations, I’ll be sure to link them here.

Disclaimers about DIY Tips

Many of the DIY tips that I (plan to) share are either the ones I’ve come up myself or ones that are derived from various sources, such as YouTube videos, social media, and other sites around the net. Some of these DIY tips come from books also. When I do share them, proper sources will also be provided. If I don’t provide any outside sources, then you’ll know that these are the ones I’ve concoted or have learned them from other sources via word of mouth. Either way, I’ll still mention them.

These DIY tips shared will be the ones I have tried myself. Keep in mind that these may also not work for you, according to your biological markup or your lifestyle. Even if that’s the case, please do try them yourself. If they work for you, great to hear. If nothing happens, at least you tried. If the results come out the opposite of what it’s supposed to do, just remember that you have made the decision to try them out yourself. I (and the source where I may have learned that tip from) am not solely responsible for any of the results.

Terms of Use

First of all, thank you for visiting my small journal blog. I do hope you would come and visit again. It’d be nice too if you leave a comment somewhere and say hello. However, please keep in mind:

Any unauthorized use and/or duplication of any material contained within this site without any sort of permission (both expression and written consent) from me is strictly prohibited. If you are going to cite anything from this site, please use the links instead of copying and pasting everything and then just refer to the name of this site without any form of a link.

Please provide credit where it is due.

Also, keep in mind that many that are published here may also be subject to change. When updates and changes do happen, they will be noted.

If you would like to know more about this site and its purpose, please head over to the site section. Thank you.

There are sidenotes...

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  3. child theme based on the Ultra theme by Themify. []
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  5. still the best blogging/CMS platform existing! []
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  7. owned and maintained by my dear friend Moni, a cosmetics artisan who is more known for her handcrafted makeup cosmetics line, Notyce Beauty. []
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  9. for the parent theme in which this child theme is built on. []
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